Day Services

We offer a variety of Day Services using the facilities at The Clocktower, as well as out in the community.  Understanding the importance of exercise and healthy eating to personal well being, we have a number of days where people can concentrate on their physical health.  Support workers devise personalised plans, which help to motivate and stimulate productive work-outs.

Also we make Person Centred and Service Delivery Plans for each individual, to ensure that the support is provided in a way most preferred by the person.


There is a host of other activities that all are welcome to try out, including bowling, cooking, baking, arts & crafts, gardening, car maintenance, cinema groups, and trips out to places of interest. We run Drama, Computer and Communication Skills courses for our clients, while encouraging people to express their interests and play an active role in designing new packages.


There is a weekly service on Tuesday nights taking people to the Buzz Club, a Friday Night Club, which is a social evening that takes place in one of the local pubs and events. as well as a Saturday and a Sunday service. Please contact us for further details or to arrange to meet the staff and look at the facilities.

Everyone who attends the day services are encouraged to do their ASDAN Awards, Which are nationally recognised qualifications by employers, helping individuals strive to independence.

The price starts  £48 a day, which includes all transport, lunch and all refreshments.

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