Residential Care

SAM_0994We currently run two residential homes, providing support, accommodation and assistance to vulnerable adults with learning disabilities.  Our staff are all highly trained and experienced in this line of work and aim the support towards unmet needs and aspirations of the residents, trying to develop interests, daily living skills and other individual goals.

We strongly believe in person centred planning and devise an active support programme for our residents.

We’re experienced in working within the autistic spectrum and have had positive outcomes with those who display behaviour that challenge 3 (1)

All individuals are assessed on referral and we develop a bespoke service delivery plan with the person, to highlight their strengths areas for future development and how we are going to support service users to best meet those goals.  We encourage and support all people we work with to complete their ASDAN, as this is a good way of identifying and logging personal experiences, improving  skills and providing a structured approach towards personal development.


Our residents are well established within their local community and regularly undertake work on community gardens, organize and take part in charity events in the local area, as well as numerous other work opportunities.  For more information on work opportunities please go to our Skills and Activity Centre.SAM_0990

Our residential service provide:

  • Short breaks and respite for adults with learning disabilities
  • Emergency placements
  • Short term transition placements for young adults
  • Medium to long-tem placements for adults with learning disabilities

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